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Rent is due by the 1st of the month at 5 PM. A late fee of 10% will be added to all payments made after 5 PM.  


All maintenance requests are required to be submitted through your tenant portal.  This is the quickest way to reach the property manager and repairmen.  If there is an emergency, please submit the request online as well as call our office at 706-955-0405. Requests not made in writing through the tenant portal are not guaranteed to be taken care of. 

As a reminder to your lease agreement you are to change the air filters at least every 3 months.  If a dirty/clogged filter is the cause of any AC repairs you will be billed for the repair.

Per your lease agreement clogged drains are to be taken care of by the tenant.  If you are not able to clear your clogged drain we are happy to offer you numbers of local plumbers that you can hire to take care of the issue.

Upon move out, please remember the following:

  1. Your home should be in such great condition that a new tenant could move in the same day.

  2. Carpets are to be professionally cleaned prior to move-out.

  3. The home should be cleaned from top to bottom including wiping down baseboards, doors, blinds, light fixtures, inside/outside of all appliances, drawers, cabinets etc.  

  4. Utilities need to be on during the inspection so please schedule accordingly. 

  5. The yard should be freshly cut along with all landscaping.

  6. Replace all missing/not working lightbulbs.

Renewal/End of Lease

Per your lease agreement, you are required to give 60 days notice to not renew your lease.  If you choose to end your lease early or past the 60 day window you are subject to the Early Termination Fee as outlined in your lease.  

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